About BuddhaThought

Our Goal

BuddhaThought is a free non-benefit establishment whose
a mission is to impart Buddhist knowledge and practices so
as to profit an individual’s lives, the general public, our society,
and to help the advancement of Buddhism in the cutting
edge world.


About BuddhaThought

Mission-driven and network upheld, the BuddhaThought website gives Buddhist lessons, news, and points of view with the goal that the comprehension and routine with regards to Buddhism prosper in this day and age, and that its immortal insight is accessible to all.

We do this by giving the same number of section focuses as we can: our blog subscriptions, our website, our social media network, live events and more. We endeavor to convey dhamma to individual’s right where they, comprehend what a distinction it can make in their lives.

Advantage to people

The action of BuddhaThought underpins everybody from the
supreme learner to the submitted Buddhist. In BuddhaThought
website, the best of Buddhist thinking is connected to the
individual needs and worries of individuals all things considered
and foundations, sparkling a light, as well, on the more extensive

Advantage to society

We expand the Buddhist voice into the standard, giving a supportive
viewpoint to residents everything being equal (and the expanding
numbers who don’t pursue a specific tradition). By applying Buddhist
insight as a powerful influence for recent developments—and, obviously,
lasting human concerns—our work helps point a route forward for all
of us, Buddhist or not, toward a general public and society that prizes,
develops, and can maintain all inclusive qualities like empathy,
generosity, peace, and wisdom.

Backing for the advancement of
Buddhism in the modern world

BuddhaThought website Share Buddha’s thinking, teaching,
achievement, struggle for Enlightenment and significance of
Buddhism for Buddhist people and organizations, and offering
Buddhist education and discourse about how the Buddhist
view might be of advantage to all beings and creatures.
BuddhaThought activities light up and guarantee Buddhism’s

BuddhaThought Team

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Editor-in-Chief & Publisher, BuddhaThought.com

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Mr. Ankesh Chavan

Digital & Web Designer, BuddhaThought.com

BuddhaThought is perceived as the main voice of Buddha and Buddhism
in all over the world. Our website content is commended for its wide
scope of extraordinary Buddhist lessons and thoughts, the high caliber
of its composition, and the excellence of its specialty and plan.
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Our Mission

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BuddhaThought is a free non-benefit establishment whose mission is to impart Buddhist knowledge and practices so as to profit individuals’ lives, general public, and our society, and to help the advancement of Buddhism in the cutting edge world.

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