Buddha Quotes on Anger

buddha quotes on anger

Born in Nepal in the 6th century B.C., Siddhartha Gautama, a prince, the warrior, sage and become Enlightened “Buddha” a spiritual, religious leader & primary figure in Buddhist Beliefs and undoubtedly one of the most influential figures of all times. Later Buddha Founded Buddhism and known as the Worldwide Messenger of Peace for his Thoughts, Teachings & Beliefs. The Buddha Quotes on Anger are the most Valuable Buddha Teachings & Buddha Beliefs in Buddhism discovered by the Buddha himself with his initiative knowledge & experience.

As you read through the quotes, see if you can find this Buddha quotes that inspire new insights, echo your experience, or challenge your beliefs in some new way.

Buddha Was Asked, “What Have You Gained From Meditation?’’
He Replied, Nothing However. Buddha Said, Let Me Tell You What I Lost: Angry, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity, Fear Of Old Age And Death.’’ Gautama Buddha

Angry Is Nothing More Than An Outward Expression Of Hurt, Fear, And Frustration. Gautama Buddha

Stay Away From Angry…It Hurts… Only You! Gautama Buddha

Explain Your Anger, Don’t Express It, And You Will Immediately Open The Door To Solutions Instead Of Arguments. Gautama Buddha

Your Anger Is A Gift. Gautama Buddha

Anger Is A Feeling That Makes Your Mouth Work Faster Than Your Mind. Gautama Buddha

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The More Anger You Carry In Your Heart Towards The Past, The Less Capable You Are Of Loving In The Present. Gautama Buddha

Latest Buddha Quotes on Anger

You Will Not Be Punished For Your Anger, You Will Be Punished By Your Anger. Gautama Buddha

Holding On To Anger Is Like Drinking Poison And Expecting The Other Person To Die. Gautama Buddha

Your Life, Even Those Who Are Not Sorry For Their Actions. Holding On To Anger Only Hurts You Not Them. Gautama Buddha

Anger Doesn’t Solve Anything It Builds Nothing, But It Can Destroy Everything. The Enlightened Buddha

Anger Is One Letter Short Of Danger. The Enlightened Buddha

Try To Manage Your Anger Since People Can’t Manage Their Stupidity. The Enlightened Buddha

Don’t Promise When You’re Happy. Do Not Reply When You’re Angry And Do Not Decide When You’re Said. The Enlightened Buddha

Consider How Much More You Often Suffer From Your Anger And Grief, Than From Those Very Things For Which You Are Angry And Grieved. The Enlightened Buddha

Popular Buddha Sayings

Don’t Talk If Your Angry, Just Be Quiet, And Walk Away. The Enlightened Buddha

It’s A Lot Easier To Be Angry At Someone Than It Is To Tell Someone Than It Is To Tell Them You’re Hurting. The Enlightened Buddha

Nobody Makes You Angry You Decide To Use Anger As A Response. The Enlightened Buddha

Identifying The True Root Causes Of Your Anger Can Take A Lot Of Courage. The Enlightened Buddha

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Angry Is The Emotion Preeminently Serviceable For The Display Of Power. The Enlightened Buddha

Angry Take A Deep Breath Before You Speak Because Your Mouth Acts Quicker Than Your Brain. The Enlightened Buddha

Hold Your Words When You Are Angry Because Sometimes Words Spoken In Anger Leave A Scar That Can Never Be Healed. The Enlightened Buddha

If You Are Patient In One Moment Of Anger, You Will Escape A Hundred Days Of Sorrow. The Enlightened Buddha

Anger Is Sign That Something Needs To Change. The Enlightened Buddha

Anger, If Not Restrained, Is Frequently More Hurtful To Us Than The Injury That Provokes It. The Enlightened Buddha

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