Buddha Quotes On Death

buddha quote on death

Born in Nepal in the 6th century B.C., Siddhartha Gautama, a prince, the warrior, sage and become Enlightened “Buddha” a spiritual, religious leader & primary figure in Buddhist Beliefs and undoubtedly one of the most influential figures of all times. Later Buddha Founded Buddhism and known as the Worldwide Messenger of Peace for his Thoughts, Teachings & Beliefs. The Buddha Quotes are the most Valuable Buddha Teachings & Buddha Beliefs in Buddhism discovered by the Buddha himself with his initiative Knowledge & Experience. The Buddha discovered this Deep Buddha Quotes on Death for making Peaceful Mind & Life.  

As you read through the quotes, you can find this Buddha Quotes that inspire new insights, echo your experience, or challenge your beliefs in some new way.

Latest Buddha Quotes on Death

Even Death Is Not To Be Feared By One Who Has Lived Wisely. The Enlightened Buddha

Neither Fire, Nor Wind, Nor Death, Can Erase Our Good Deeds. The Enlightened Buddha

Life Is Uncertain Death Is Certain. The Enlightened Buddha

Death Is The Wish Of Some, The Relief Of Many And End Of All. The Enlightened Buddha

The Death May Be The Greatest Of All Human Blessings. The Enlightened Buddha

Death Takes The Body. God Takes The Soul. Our Mind Holds The Memories. Our Heart Keeps The Love. Ours Faith Lets Us Know We Will Meet Again. The Enlightened Buddha

It Is Not Death That A Man Should Fear, But He Should Fear Never Beginning To Live. The Enlightened Buddha

Death Is Not The Opposite Of Life, But A Part Of It. The Enlightened Buddha

Death The Last Voyage The Longest And The Best. The Enlightened Buddha

Death Is The Wish Of Some, The Relief Of Many, And The End Of All. Gautama Buddha

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Amazing Buddha Quotes on Death

buddha quote on death

Death Leaves Heartache No One Can Heal. Love Leaves A Memory No One Can Steal. Gautama Buddha

Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, But Nobody Wants To Die. Gautama Buddha

The Death Takes No Bribes. Gautama Buddha

Death Is Not The Greatest Of Evils, It Is Worse To Want To Die, And Not Be Able To. Gautama Buddha

Death Is Certain Life Is Not. Gautama Buddha

Every Moment Of Life Is A Step Towards Deaths. Gautama Buddha

We Understand Death For The First Time When He Puts His Hand Upon One Whom We Love. Gautama Buddha

Death Is The Solution To All Problem No Man – No Problem. Gautama Buddha

Love Has No Age, No Limit And No Death. The Buddha

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Best Buddha Sayings

Death Is Not The Greatest Loss In Life. The Greatest Loss Is What Dies Inside Us While We Live. The Buddha

Nothing Can Happen More Beautiful Than Death. The Buddha

Nothing In Life Is Promised Except Death. The Buddha

For Death Is No More Than A Turning Of Us Over From Time To Eternity. The Buddha

Death Is The Stone Into Which Our Oblivion Hardens. The Buddha

Death Ends A Life, Not A Love. The Buddha

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