Buddha Quotes On Family

buddha quotes on family

Born in Nepal in the 6th century B.C., Siddhartha Gautama, a prince, the warrior, sage and become Enlightened “Buddha” a spiritual, religious leader & primary figure in Buddhist Beliefs and undoubtedly one of the most influential figures of all times. Later Buddha Founded Buddhism and known as the Worldwide Messenger of Peace for his Thoughts, Teachings & Beliefs. The Buddha Quotes are the most Valuable Buddha Teachings & Buddha Beliefs in Buddhism discovered by the Buddha himself with his initiative Knowledge & Experience. The Buddha discovered this Powerful Buddha Quotes on Family for making Peaceful Mind & Happy Life.  

As you read through the quotes, you can find this Buddha Quotes that inspire new insights, echo your experience, or challenge your beliefs in some new way.

Top Buddha Quotes on Family

Family Is Not About Blood. It’s About Who Is Willing To Hold Your Hand When You Need It The Most. Gautama Buddha

A Family Is A Place Where Minds Come In Contact With One Another. If These Minds Love One Another The Home Will Be As Beautiful As A Flower Garden. But If These Minds Get Out Of Harmony With One Another It Is Like A Storm That Plays Havoc With The Garden. Gautama Buddha

A Family Is A Place Where Minds Come In Contact With One Another. Gautama Buddha

If You Really Want To Change The World, Go Home And Love Your Family. Gautama Buddha

Family Is Not An Important Thing. It’s Everything. Gautama Buddha

You Don’t Choose Your Family They Are God’s Gift To You, As You Are To Them. Gautama Buddha

It’s Not How Big The House Is, It’s How Happy The Home Is. Gautama Buddha

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The Family Is The Center Of Life And It Is The Key To Eternal Happiness. Gautama Buddha

No Family Is Perfect……We Argue, We Fight. We Even Stop Talking To Each Other At Times, But In The End, Family Is Family… The Love Will Always Be There. Gautama Buddha

Family Is Like Music, Some High Notes, Some Low Notes, But Always A Beautiful Song. Gautama Buddha

Latest Buddha Quotes on Family

buddha quotes on family

Having Somewhere To Go Is Home. Holding Someone To Love Is Family. Having Both Is A Blessing. Gautama Buddha

A Happy Family Is But An Earlier Heaven. The Enlightened Buddha

Time Spent With Family Is Worth Every Second. The Enlightened Buddha

Family Where Life Begins And Love Never Ends. The Enlightened Buddha

I Know Every Family Has Its Problems. But I Admire Those That Stick Together. The Enlightened Buddha

Family Is Supposed To Be Our Safe Haven Very Often It’s The Place Where We Find The Deepest Heartache. The Enlightened Buddha

Family…No One Can Hurt You As Bad As They Do. The Enlightened Buddha

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Don’t Worry About The Family That Ignores And Acts Like You Don’t Matter, Love The Ones Who Are Always There For You No Matter What. The Enlightened Buddha

Families Are The Compass That Guides Us. They Are The Inspiration To Reach Great Heights And Our Comfort When We Occasionally Falter. The Enlightened Buddha

The Love Of Family And The Admiration Of Friends Is Much More Important Than Wealth And Privilege. The Enlightened Buddha

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