Buddha Quotes on Suffering

buddha quote on suffering

Born in Nepal in the 6th century B.C., Siddhartha Gautama, a prince, the warrior, sage and become Enlightened “Buddha” a spiritual, religious leader & primary figure in Buddhist Beliefs and undoubtedly one of the most influential figures of all times. Later Buddha Founded Buddhism and known as the Worldwide Messenger of Peace for his Thoughts, Teachings & Beliefs. The Buddha Quotes are the most Valuable Buddha Teachings & Buddha Beliefs in Buddhism discovered by the Buddha himself with his initiative Knowledge & Experience. The Buddha discovered this amazing Buddha Quotes on Suffering to know the real facts of Life.  

As you read through the quotes, you can find this Buddha Quotes that inspire new insights, echo your experience, or challenge your beliefs in some new way.

Ultimate Buddha Quotes on Suffering

The Root Of Suffering Is Attachment. Gautama Buddha

Pain Is Certain, Suffering Is Optional. Gautama Buddha

People Have A Hard Time Letting Go Of Their Suffering. Out Of A Fear Of The Unknown, They Prefer Suffering That Is Familiar. Gautama Buddha

I Teach One Thing And One Only:

This Is Suffering And The End Of Suffering. Gautama Buddha

Attachment Leads To Suffering. Gautama Buddha

If With An Impure Mind One Speaks Or Acts, Suffering Fallows Him. Gautama Buddha

Suffering, If It Does Not Diminish Love, Will Transport Us To The Furthest Shore. Gautama Buddha

Suffering Is Temporary, Enlightenment Is Forever. Gautama Buddha

Letting Go Of Our Suffering Is The Hardest Work We Will Ever Do. Gautama Buddha

I Teach One Thing And One Only: Suffering And The End Of Suffering. Gautama Buddha

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Top Buddha Quotes on Suffering

buddha quotes on suffering

Without Health Life Is Not Life;

It Is Only A State Of Languor And Suffering- An Image Of Death. The Enlightened Buddha

May All That Have Life Be Delivered From Suffering. The Enlightened Buddha

To Be Free From Suffering, Free Yourself From Attachments. The Enlightened Buddha

The Cause Of All Pain And Suffering Is Ignorance. The Enlightened Buddha

All Suffering Originates From Craving, From Attachment, And From Desire. The Enlightened Buddha

If You Had Not Suffered As You Have, There Would Be No Depth To You As A Human Being. No Humility No Compassion. The Enlightened Buddha

Pain And Suffering Are The Soil Of Strength And Courage. The Enlightened Buddha

Strength Is Born In The Deep Silence Of Long- Suffering Hearts – Not Amidst Joy. The Enlightened Buddha

Suffering Is Part Of Our Training Program For Becoming Wise. The Enlightened Buddha

Both Formerly And Now, It Is Only Suffering That I Describe, And The Cessation Of Suffering. The Enlightened Buddha

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Best Buddha Quotes on Suffering

Life Is Full Of Misery, Loneliness, And Suffering- And It’s All Over Much Too Soon. The Enlightened Buddha

I Postpone Death By Living, By Suffering, By Error, By Risking, By Giving, By Losing. The Enlightened Buddha

Out Of Suffering Have Emerged The Strongest Souls; The Most Massive Characters Are Seared With Scars. The Buddha

Suffering Is The True Cement Of Love. The Buddha

We Are Never So Defenseless Against Suffering As When We Love. The Buddha

Some People Are Suffering And You’ll Never Know Because They Suffer In Silence. The Buddha

Great Souls Suffer In Silence. The Buddha

Suffering Is One Of Life’s Great Teacher. The Buddha

We Are Never So Defenseless Against Suffering As When We Love. The Buddha

Suffering Is The Essence Of Success!!! The Buddha



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