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Buddhism Secrets Revealed By Gautam Buddha

Buddhism What is Buddhism? Buddhism is a religious tradition. It focuses on personal inner development. And also the attainment of ...
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Vipassana Meditation in Buddhism

Meditation in Buddhism What is Meditation? Meditation is a word, and words are utilized in various ways by various speakers ...
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Karma in Buddhism The Best Buddha Teachings

Karma in Buddhism What is Karma in Buddhism? The Sanskrit term Karma in Buddhism literally means an action or doing ...
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Nirvana The way to Enlightenment

Nirvana / Nibbana in Buddhism About Nirvana Nirvana is bliss supreme. It is a supramundane state (Lokuttara Dhamma) to be ...
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eightfold path

Eightfold Path of Buddhism Uncovered By Lord Buddha

The Noble Eightfold Path What is the Noble Eightfold Path? Since the time of the Buddha himself. The practice of ...
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four noble truths of buddhism

Four Noble Truths of Buddhism Discovered By Buddha

The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism What is Truth? Truth (Sacca) Satya in Sanskrit which means an undeniable fact. According ...
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